1 in 6 women are raped in the US, 1 in 4 in the military. That's a rape culture - it's a culture that tolerates not only the act, by blaming victims, and not processing rape kits, and turning a blind eye to guys like Bill Cosby and Wes Moonves until the number of victims is so overwhelming that someone finally has to pay attention, it mostly doesn't openly condemn "jokes" like that one. It says, "boys will be boys" and other stupid stuff that normalizes this type of attitude. That's what a rape culture is. A huge percentage of rapes are date rapes, because rape culture has taught young men that they are entitled to female bodies and that they don't need permission to "get theirs." That's what rape culture means. You are either deeply deluded or deeply defensive if it isn't patently obvious to you what the statistics and the realities of life as a woman is this country clearly indicate that this is indeed a rape culture.

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Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau

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